Phone Solutions

From the CEO’s desk to the break room, Full Service Network has a phone to fit the need of every member in your office.

Plus, with our online dashboard, it’s never been easier to manage calls and know exactly what’s happening across your entire company with just a glance!


Phone Management Made Simple:

check mark icon Integrated Messaging: Choose to receive faxes and voicemails right to your email inbox.snom_d765_overview_lightson.png__490x490_q85_subsampling-2

check mark icon Corporate Web: A secure online dashboard displaying employee’s phone status.

check mark icon Auto-Attendant: Fully programmable inbound system that routes calls to the appropriate employee or extension.

check mark icon Scalability: Simply add more phones to the matrix at any time!

check mark icon Dedicated Specialists: No outsourced customer service, support always provided from FSN’s headquarters (US Steel Tower in Pittsburgh).


With Premium Features Such As…

check mark icon Hold Music: Choose from a variety of different genres.

check mark icon Unlimited Nationwide Calling: Eliminates usage and per minute charges.

check mark icon Plug & Play: Phones retain all settings such as extension, behavior, and voicemail when moved to a different place in the office.

check mark icon Ultra-high-speed Internet: Fiber, wired, and wireless!

check mark icon Customizable Features: Ringtones, digital backgrounds, and outbound caller ID.



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