Call Supervisor

Train employees, monitor customer service skills, and gain valuable insight into the voice of your business like never before!


With Call Supervisor from Full Service Network, business owners can always have a pulse on what’s happening in their company. 


Call Recording

Record both inbound and outbound calls for any phone line in your company! Choose individual lines you want to always be recorded (such as the customer service lines) and control who has the ability to review the recordings.


Personal Dashboard

Access recording through what Full Service Network likes to call, “The Simple Portal,” your own personal, secure dashboard! Choose administrators to have access to this and sift through calls just minutes after they’ve ended.


Easy Access

Access thousands of recorded phone calls saved within minutes! Access the call recordings for up to 90 days, or download and save the MP3 to reference forever!


Warehouse Capabilities

Establishing a secure server connection at your company is another way Full Service Network can send you your recorded calls. We can shuttle your recording to whatever server you’d like on a periodic basis, and you are able to retain them on this server for any length of time!

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